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Looking back on 2016 shows that the attacks on the EU have risen rapidly, 1,000 German online shops have been infected and extortion attempts over hijacked MongoDBs have increased. One of the new tricks is Autocomplete as a phishing tool.

TippingPoint with intrusion prevention as a stand-alone solution

Trend Micro TippingPoint launches a 100 Gb intrusion prevention system as a stand-alone solution.

Supposed Apple support

Visiting a compromised website opens up countless e-mail drafts to freeze Mac and make the victim call for a supposed Apple support number.

Payment details taken from 1,000 German online shops

Information is available to the BSI according to which at least 1,000 German online shops are currently infected by malicious code and customers‘ payment information has been stolen.

Autocomplete – a new phishing gap

In Chrome and Safari, attackers can use the autocomplete feature to access registry data from the fields.

Number of kidnapped MongoDBs is rising rapidly

Blackmail attacks on hijacked, non-secure MongoDB databases continue to increase, warn several security researchers.

EU victims of 20% more attacks in 2016

The number of attacks on the infrastructure of the European Commission increased by 20% in 2016. As a result, better security practices should be introduced and cooperation with NATO intensified.

Other stolen NSA spy tools for sale

The hacker group Shadow Brokers has brought more of the NSA stolen espionage tools to the underground market.

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